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Fences. The information on this page contains an overview of requirements for adding a fence to either residential or commercial property.[ Online Chat +]

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City of Gresham Oregon ... The City does not provide survey services for private property owners. ... For additional questions about property lines and fences contact the Planner on Duty at 503-618-2780 or .[ Online Chat +]

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How do I find out the zoning of my property? Zoning of property ... Can I subdivide or develop my property? ... How tall can my fence be? ... Oregon's Garden City.[ Online Chat +]

Do I need a permit from the Planning Department to put a fence in ...

No, although there are limitations on fence location and height. Fences may be placed directly on the property line; however, you should have a clear...[ Online Chat +]

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Most residential fences do not require a permit, provided applicable requirements are ... Division is needed for fences on multi-family or nonresidential property.[ Online Chat +]

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If your property is in an overlay zone or a plan district, there may be alternative standards and a zoning permit may be required. Project. Requirement. Fences...[ Online Chat +]

Oregon Laws on Property Disputes Between Neighbors |

A breakdown of Oregon laws on neighbor disputes involving trees, fences, and the right to farm.[ Online Chat +]

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Suddenly, the fence, wall, creek, driveway, landscaping or tree line that ... One option is an administrative remedy under Oregon law called a property line...[ Online Chat +]

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Whenever there is a fence that is in all respects such as a good husbandman ought to keep on the line of any land, and the person owning or holding a lease for...[ Online Chat +]

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Learn about Property line disputes in Oregon today. Quickly find ... We believe our neighbors put up a fence almost 20 feet on our property almost 2 years ago.[ Online Chat +]

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Fence Code. Do I need a permit for a FENCE? ... Contactors go to Oregon E- Permitting to create permit. Homeowners download the appropriate permit and...[ Online Chat +]

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Fence Laws in Oregon - an article appearing in Super Lawyers Magazine August ... When you have a fence that runs along the boundary between your property...[ Online Chat +]

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8 feet along interior rear and side property lines (requires a building permit); 6 feet ... Call before you dig: Call the Oregon Utility Notification Center two business...[ Online Chat +]

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Dec 16, 2015 ... Here are some frequently asked question regarding property line and trees, fences, and neighbors.[ Online Chat +]

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FENCES &ACCESSORY STRUCTURES. Additional ... Fences and accessory structures in Residential. Zones R-1, R-2, R-3, & R-4 may be built on private property, as long as they meet certain height and setback .... CCB.[ Online Chat +]

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Jan 6, 2016 ... Property disputes involving fences and allegations of encroachment are among the most heavily litigated types of cases and are almost always...[ Online Chat +]

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Can I build my fence on my property line? A fence may be ... How do I find my property lines? First, obtain a ... What height fence can I build? You may fence in ...[ Online Chat +]

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Permits are not required for fences in residential zones and must meet the regulations below. If you are considering installing a fence on a common property line...[ Online Chat +]

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You just discovered that the fence between your house and your neighbor's, which has been there for years, is displaced from the true property line. Are your ...[ Online Chat +]