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DrainsUSA stainless steel drain assemblies made of marine grade stainless steel. Assembled in the USA by Thunderbird Products, Inc. [ Online Chat +]

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Balcony deck drains are perfect for patio installations. Units come with a snap-in stainless steel grate. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes. Copper flashing is sandblasted for excellent waterproofing membrane adhesion. [ Online Chat +]

Stainless Steel Balcony Deck Drains -

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Tiling Over Exterior Deck or Balcony. ... How do I tile over an exterior deck or balcony? ... Satisfactory exterior installations must be able to drain water from the system before it gets a chance to absorb into either the tile or the layers below the tile. Since most tiles are water impermeable, the only water that can get into the system ... [ Online Chat +]

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DrainsUSA offers many floor drains for a variety of applications. Made in the USA and built to last! [ Online Chat +]

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We carry all types of roof drains, re-roof drains, overflow drains, retrofit drains, balcony drain, deck drains, floor drains, roof drain accessories and scupper drains... [ Contact US ] What is the best way to make a deck water proof? [ Online Chat +]

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Products > Drains and Channels > Parking Deck, Yard, Balcony, Roof Drains > Balcony / Patio Drains. Online Service] Deck Installations, Balcony Maintenance, Exterior Walkways ... [ Online Chat +]

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If the deck has a parapet wall, scuppers can be used to drain the deck. When we set them in a wall, we also include an exterior-side counterflashing sleeve that slides over the tube to prevent water from running back into the wall. [ Online Chat +]

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Copper deck, balcony, and shower floor drains. Many different styles to choose from. Same day shipping on most orders. [ Online Chat +]

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Balcony Profiles & Gutter Systems Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal surface coverings for the exterior and have been used successfully in outdoor applications for thousands of years. Exterior balconies and terraces provide excellent opportunities for the installation of tiled surfaces. [ Online Chat +]